Data Privacy Statement


Swansea University Students’ Union ("SUSU") collects and processes personal information that is entered into this recruitment system.

Information is collected for the purposes of creating candidate accounts for users to apply for positions that are advertised, and information is collected when candidates submit job applications.

By entering data into this system, consent is given for SUSU and its approved third-party data processors to hold and process the data in line with this data privacy statement.

What We Collect

When creating an account with this recruitment system, we collect a range of information that is considered personally identifiable. The specific attributes that we collect are detailed below, along with a reason for why we are collecting that data.

Attribute Purpose
Name To identify each job application, and to greet you in the user interface and in emails
Email Address Contacting an applicant regarding the status of their application, and to provide a mechanism for resetting forgotten passwords
Password System users must choose a password to protect their account, which will be hashed and stored in our database
Resource Number For us to verify that applicants are current members of the Swansea University community, we store the student or staff number of each user
Telephone Number Contacting an applicant regarding the status of their application
IP Address For mitigating abuse of the system, we store each user’s registration IP address, and their last known IP address. The IP address could be used to identify a specific computer, or a wider computer network that the user is connected to.

When applying to jobs, we provide an opportunity for applicants to update information that the system already holds. Additionally, the system will collect the responses that applicants make to role-specific questions as part of the application process.

For applicants who have made a successful job application, the system will request additional information before setting the applicant’s status to ‘Employed’. Information is collected regarding Tier 4 visa holders’ right to work in the United Kingdom, as well as information that we are required to hold by HMRC, and for setting up new employees on our payroll system. Additionally, we request information regarding monitoring diversity amongst our workforce, which includes nationality, marital status, and religious affiliations. Information that we collect for monitoring diversity does not form a part of the candidate selection process.